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@World #Neverstops

@World is a specialized agency in sports with the experience and motivation needed to also venture into new areas.

Created by André Lavadinho, it is fueled by a team of professional photographers, designers, social media and videographers who work day and night with high requirements and goals, making their brand motto justice – @World Never Stops!

Currently working in several international events with some of the most prestigious teams, individual clients, magazines and organizations.

Their mission is to tell a story to create an impact and inspire people all around the world. How does the @World do that?

They know that “images” are a perfect way of telling a story and create empathy. The @World makes this a reality all around the globe by bringing events to life wherever they may be.

Dedication may be one of their first words of service, followed by an ambition to keep growing and expanding to new routes, new territories, new opportunities. They work for the World to the World by the @World.

Our Ambitious Work

My WRC Life: The Photographer

Photographing the WRC brings a unique set of challenges unparalleled in sport. @World director André Lavadinho talks us through a rally from the perspective of a photographer, from planning to execution.